So much on my dash lately about “Good for Chris Brown and Rihanna” and pics of them flipping off paparazzi. just… what?

These are pics from social justice minded people. Someone please explain to me how in the actual fuck you can support a cyclical domestically abusive relationship?

and don’t tell me “they are fine now, hes not abusive anymore”

Ive tried to wrap my head around it. The only thing that I can think of is maybe you have never experienced domestic or relationship violence/ or if you did- you never recieved counseling or learned about the cycle of violence so therefore you do not understand how this is hurtful to both Rihanna and to the public. It is somewhat disrespectful for them to be so outwardly “fuck you” when there are millions of women and children around the world who suffer from violent relationships.

She is young, and she’s beautiful and seems genuinely happy in her outward expression of their relationship, and a part of me respects her for doing her… 

but Rihanna’s behavior is childish and impulsive, and typical of a MEGA popstar who really just wants to feel loved by the man that she loved so much.

I still fucking love Rihanna tho, but whenever i see chris brown I see evil. 

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